Kris LeBoutillier



Understanding the Audience

Viewer habits and data is critical to good content creation. Before starting a video production, it’s important to understand your audience: what are they searching for; what websites are they frequenting; and, what information are they seeking?  

Targeted, data-based video and written content is an important element in an overall communication and marketing strategy. For Visa’s business, it was storytelling about the security of the network, the impact e-payments have on consumers and businesses, and how Visa’s technology makes international traveling easier and safer. Audience data and research on keywords allowed us to refine our messages, production techniques and use of social media platforms, campaigns and blog publishing.

Attention is captured through short narratives that involve interviews and storytelling (a dash of humor helps). The end result is a better understanding of Visa’s corporate mission, the network technology, and how it impacts economies and businesses around the world.

To be successful, corporate content needs to tell a story, be entertaining, persuasive and authentic.